Why should you opt for Scalp Micropigmentation rather than Hair transplants?

December 9, 2018

According to a recent study in to the psychological effect, pathophysiology, and management of Androgenetic Alopecia in men nearly 40% of men in the UK are either bald or balding. For many this can be particularly distressing, even more so for younger men.


Over the years there have been many different solutions to this. From tonics, rubs and shampoos that supposedly increase hair volume and thickness to wigs and the more expensive, hair transplant option. Now there is a new non-surgical option. Scalp micropigmentation. It won't make your hair grow back but it will give you the illusion of hair. You will have a safe, cost effective solution to thinning or balding hair which looks like you have a shaved head.


What is micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation is a non surgical process where minute deposits of ink which match your hair colour are placed in the upper most layers of your scalp. It leaves you with a freshly shaven look and a huge increase in self esteem.


What is involved in the micropigmentation process?


You will need an initial free consultation to establish how much coverage you recquire, what tone of pigment you want and whether this is the best option for you. Certain health conditions mean that scalp micropigementation may not be suitable. For example individuals suffering from Fibromyalgia and Haemophia should consult their doctor before considering treatment. Some clinics will not treat people with fibromyalgia as SMP can be painful and sufferers tend to have a lower pain tolerance.


You should always have an initial consultation with your clinician who will talk through the process of scalp micropigmentation, any health issues you may have which coulod impact your treatment like Haemaphilia or diabetes which can cause excessive blood loss during treatment. Blood loss can affect the uptake of the pigment in the skin which will mean the treatment is not effective for you. It is important to be completely honest an open with your clinician so that they can advise you of the best treatment options for you and and special post treatment care you may require.


Scalp micropigmentation is one of the fasted hair loss treatments in the UK and as such there are some clinics out there who do not have the relevant certifications. Always check your chosen clinic holds premises and personal licenses and insurance. It is also recommended that they use topical adrenaline to increase healing and reduce pain during treatment. Depending on the area of treatment there can be a level of discomfort, some people think it is like a tattoo but in actual fact it is much milder.  Be sure to have a patch test with the pigment to ensure that you will have no adverse reactions at least 48 hours before your initial treatment session. You will also need to make sure you look after the treated area properly post treatment. No excessive sun exposure as tempting as it may be here in the UK or the pigment won't fix in your skin properly and will give you a patchy look.


How much does the procedure cost?

Prices vary with scalp micropigmentation depending on the amount of coverage you need. It could be a hairline restructure, a parting fill to give a thicker look to longer thinning hair or a complete scalp coverage. Prices at Illusions Hair Clinic start at £600 for the full 3 treatment sessions.


Is this type of treatment just for baldness?

Most definitely not. Scalp micropigmentation can be used to treat a variety of hair issues, thinning hair, baldness, scar camouflage, alopecia or even a combination of the above. Essentially and shortage of hair can be treated using scalp micropigmentation. Call now to discuss your requirements and book a free consultation.


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Why should you opt for Scalp Micropigmentation rather than Hair transplants?

December 9, 2018

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